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From Best Selling Author Kathleen Ball

Will There Be A Christmas Miracle That Will Make Everyone Happy?

Aggie and her sister Stephanie have been building a successful Match Making Business for Mail-Order Brides. While Aggie painstakingly matched people, Stephanie just threw people together. Angry mismatched people decide to close the business and run both sisters out of town. Stephanie has a back up plan. She has arranges to be married as soon as she arrives in Pine Crossing. She didn't plan anything for her sister. Tate Ackerman a mountain man, wrote asking for a wife over a year ago and never heard back. He never expected Stephanie or her sister to show up. Stephanie and Tate can't stand each other but sweet Aggie has fallen in love with Tate. Aggie vows that no one will ever know about her feelings for Tate

Available on Amazon- Free for Kindle Unlimited Readers

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