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The Settlers

A Christian Historical Western Romance

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Greg: Book 1 


A naive gold-digger. A world-weary miner. Will a tragic twist of fate become a rich vein of love?

California, 1848. Greg Settler’s golden ambitions have hit stony ground. Forced to rely on his neighbor Hugo and Hugo’s feisty daughter for mining help, he’s had about enough of the woman’s condescending attitude. But when his neighbor’s dying words demand Greg take care of his headstrong daughter, he’s not sure his fortunes have improved…

Mercy Watkins believed in her father’s dreams. Now burdened with a man who doesn’t know the first thing about mining, her world collapses further when Greg is accused of murder. With the hanging hours away, Mercy’s only solution to save her former neighbor may be marriage.

As claim jumpers and unscrupulous outlaws threaten their new life together, can the stubborn couple strike it rich in love?

Greg is a standalone sweet Western romance in The Settlers series. If you like gold rush settings, unconventional marriages, and determined heroes, then you’ll love Kathleen Ball’s enticing adventure.

Juan: Book 2


He’s a Mexican loner. She’s an unwed mom. Can two outcasts turn misfortune into love’s destiny?

Oregon, 1830. Sonia Wist’s luck never came through. Now widowed, broke, and a young mom, she’s too ashamed to stay in town. Stumbling into an empty cabin, Sonia’s all out of hope until a horse wrangler finally gives her the break she’s waited for…

Juan Settler has always suffered the pain of prejudice. So when the Mexican horse wrangler discovers a pretty woman and her son hiding out, her wounded eyes go straight to his heart. Welcoming her to his family, he wonders if he’s finally found a place to fit in.

As Sonia confronts her outcast life with Juan by her side, she sees the kind man for who he truly is. Can the couple rise above society’s taboos and their own pasts for a courageous chance at love?

Juan is the second standalone book in The Settlers sweet Western romance series. If you like mismatched couples, stories of redemption, and cowboy culture, then you’ll love Kathleen Ball’s uplifting novel.


Scarlett: Book 3

A snobby bride. A down-to-earth groom. Can they shape their mail-order marriage into long-lasting love?

Oregon, 1831. Scarlett Settler knows she’ll never live down being left at the altar. Quietly agreeing to become mail-order bride, she waits to be pampered by servants and chefs. But when she discovers her husband is a lowly blacksmith without a housekeeper insight, she wonders if her golden dreams have turned to pig iron.

Dillon Stahl can’t wait to show off the house he built for his new wife. But when the haughty, opinionated woman belittles his work and their home, he worries he’s in over his head. Straining to look beyond her frustration, he starts to see the true woman he’d like to get to know for a lifetime.

As Scarlett hides behind her fear of rejection, she realizes Dillon is actually the man of her dreams. Can the mismatched couple overcome first impressions to help love’s furnace forge a perfect future?

The Settlers Boxed Set

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