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Stand Alone Stories

Sweet Contemporary Western Romance

Love Before Midnight.jpg

Love Before Midnight

Anora Garrity is kicked out into the freezing snow by her husband. Having nowhere to go she walks to the small-town diner to get warm. The owner calls cowboy, Maverick Cole for help.

Maverick takes one look at Anora and grows angry. He knows she and her husband are part of a horse stealing operation. But when she runs out of the door into the storm, he takes pity on her and gives her a ride to his place. Never in a million years would he have suspected her secret. She’s listed as a missing person.

Once reunited with her family, she leaves town. She also leaves a hole in Maverick’s heart. A year later, she returns to start a new life, but trust doesn’t come easy for Anora. Can Maverick help to heal her soul? New Years is approaching and he’s anxiously waiting to find out if she’ll accept his kiss at midnight.

Will Anora accept Maverick’s Heart? Only a long-awaited New Year’s kiss at midnight will tell.

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