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Cowboy Season Series

Contemporary Romance

Summer's Desire.jpg

Summer's Desire: Book 1


He needs a helping hand. She has a reputation. Will love thrive on the ranch or steer clear?

Holden O'Leary wants to do what's right for his young brothers. After the vet moves his family to Montana to escape heartache, he swears off romance for good. But when he hires a new nanny with a dark past and an irresistible body, his resolution is put to the test…

Summer Fitzgerald loved her old boss like a father. After he's shockingly murdered and Summer is named the chief suspect, she's both devastated and completely out of cash. Accepting a temporary nanny job stems the pain, especially after she lays eyes on the sexy new vet.

When rumors of Summer's past hit Holden hard, will small-town drama ruin their attraction or can their passion find a way to thrive?

Autumn's Home.jpg

Autumn's Hope: Book 2


He’s a rancher no woman wants. She’s having a baby all alone. Can two stubborn country souls find each other?

Jonas Barnes trusts horses more than people. The Army vet knows his rescue animals won’t shy away from his damaged leg. So when the new restaurant owner in town cancels his cattle order, he assumes the worst about her until he finally meets someone who doesn’t even flinch…


Autumn Lavin wants to create a new life for her unborn baby. But starting a vegetarian restaurant in cattle country hasn’t led to much companionship. So when a rugged cowboy challenges her stance on cuisine, her tough exterior contradicts her leaping heart.

As they attempt to overcome their pasts of pain, the rancher and the soon-to-be mother slowly but surely open up. Can Jonas and Autumn find something more, or will love ride down a different trail?

Winter's Embrace.jpg

Winter's Embrace: Book 3


She’s brokenhearted. He’s the cause. Can they toss their baggage overboard for a second chance?


Winter James’ heart still aches from a decade-old breakup. In the midst of guiding her first Alaskan cruise, she’s shocked to see her ex among the passengers. As her intense desire returns, she wonders if she can ever trust the handsome man again…

Stone McCoy’s life took an unexpected turn on a fateful college night. Years later after doing “the right thing,” the Texas rancher learns a shocking truth behind the day he let Winter go. When he discovers the one who got away is his cruise leader, he makes a go at the impossible: winning back his ex’s trust.

With fate set to give them a second chance, can Stone convince Winter that he’s the solid anchor she deserves?

Spring's Delight.jpg

Spring's Delight: Book 4


He's grieving. She's escaping. Will one cowboy fulfill his brother's last wish and stumble into love?

Colt O'Malley would rather save a horse than meet someone new. But when his brother dies suddenly, his grief turns to frustration when his late sibling leaves him a woman expecting a ranch job. While he's initially frustrated he can't cope alone, he starts to wonder if his new employee is exactly what he needed…

When Spring Reed met Colt's brother, she took the Montana bus ticket and sprinted on board. Even a random offer like his was better than staying with her abusive boyfriend. But after learning of their family tragedy, she hopes the strapping cowboy in charge lets her take a permanent refuge.

As Colt warms to the new woman in his life, another tragedy threatens Spring's safety. Can two scarred hearts drive a violent ex out of town and discover a new future?

Cowboy Season Boxed Set

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