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The Kavanagh Brothers

Christian Historical Western Romance


Teagan: Cowboy Strong

The day Teagan Kavanagh proposed to Gemma Maguire,  he was told to leave and never come back. That was before the Civil War. Now Teagan is puzzled as to why the Maguire cattle are on his ranch. He rides to their ranch and finds Gemma alone, living in a falling-down house. He is further confused when she accuses him of buying her ranch and having her evicted.

Gemma Maguire held on during the war, doing without, she paid off the mortgage on the ranch. Now she’s told that her husband Richard gambled away everything she had and to make matters worse, he was already married. Without a safe place to live, she goes to the Kavanagh Ranch.

Gemma is determined to marry a widower with children who might be desperate to overlook her mistake in marrying. She’s hoping for a marriage of convenience; she’s never going to allow another man to touch her. Everywhere she goes, Teagan is there, and she’s had enough.

Old family secrets and hard to believe truths keep Gemma and Teagan apart but there is an incredible pull between their hearts. Can they have a second chance at love, or will this cowboy never get his bride?


Quinn: Cowboy Risk

Quinn Kavanagh is never going to risk his heart again. In fact, he doesn't think he has a heart anymore. Everything he thought to be true wasn't and now he is traveling trying to find a place where he fits.

Heaven Burke is about to be shot when Quinn arrives. He saves her then and again later that day in a shootout. A group of men don’t like that she rescues black boys who have nowhere to go. She can't stay in her house it isn’t safe for her, her children or the baby that is due in a few months.

Quinn takes her to the Kavanagh ranch and fights fiercely to resist her goodness and her adorable children. Working together to make sure no child is sold or left to die they are constantly together.

Heaven has a heavy burden. She’s afraid of Quinn’s reaction when he finds out who fathered her baby. He knows the men in town taught her a lesson and left her for dead. She must tell him before he gets too attached and both of their hearts are broken. He is certain to walk away.


Brogan: Cowboy Pride

Cowboy Brogan Kavanagh wants nothing better than to be left alone. Unfortunately, he’s left with no option and helps two women travelers. The Oldest spitfire, Ciara doesn’t trust him one bit and is constantly on her guard. Brogan is both amused and insulted by her attempts to keep him at arm’s length. He doesn’t want a woman in his life. What could go wrong?

Ciara Doyle has the weight of the world laying heavily on her shoulders. She is trying to get her and her sister Orla back to St. Louis after her parents died along the Oregon Trail. One wrong turn after another led her to Texas. Orla had been in an accident when she was fourteen and in her mind, she is forever fourteen.

They stop their wagon at a downed fence trying to make a plan but they are caught by Brogan who accuses them of ruining the fence to steal his horses. He realizes they are just down on their luck and short on supplies.
Brogan invites them to bring their wagon close to the house. Ciara accepts but with conditions. They will not accept charity, so they will work and there is to be no notions of anything improper. Brogan readily agrees after all he doesn’t trust people.

Will they ever be able to set aside their problems and acknowledge their growing attraction?


Sullivan: CowboyProtector

Sheila Kelly is on the run. The most frightening word she knows is witchcraft. She is a healer like her mother and all the Kelly women before her. When a distraught father brings his deceased daughter to Sheila’s house, he claims that Sheila killed her.

Sullivan Kavanagh was a captain in the Army, and he is used to giving orders. He’s convinced when people don’t do things his way, they end up dead. He’s liked Sheila for a while but just as a friend. When her life goes awry, he decides he needs to hide her and plan a future for her.

Sheila is an independent woman and she doesn’t need a man to tell her where and how to live. She’s raising her young daughter just fine alone. She never realized how controlling Sullivan is until they hide from the mob chasing her.

Is it possible for two people who are strong-willed and independent to manage a relationship, or will they always believe their way is the right way? Can they learn to make decisions from their hearts instead of from their past experiences?


Donnell: Cowboy Scrutiny

What woman in her right mind would be trusting enough to become a mail-order bride?

Having no other options Clarissa Plunkett makes a terrifying decision to become a mail-order bride. She’s never been anyplace other than her boarding school in Pennsylvania. Worried and unsure she agrees to marry, Joe Kingsley of Texas.

She exits the stagecoach and to her dismay no one knows Joe Kingsley. Not having enough money for the hotel, she rents a cheap room above the saloon.  When Dolly, the housekeeper on the Kavanagh ranch hears about the unfortunate girl, she insists Clarissa comes to live at the ranch.

Rancher Donnell Kavanagh loves nothing better than solving a good mystery, but Clarissa isn’t one he wants to solve. Somehow, she becomes his responsibility and he searches for Joe Kingsley. Donnell’s brothers are impatiently waiting for him become engaged to Clarissa.  Donnell wants nothing to do with a wife. 

Perhaps if he scrutinizes her past, he can prove she isn’t the sweet, proper woman she seems to be.


Murphy: Cowboy Deceived


Cowboy Murphy Kavanagh had found the love of his life and married her.

When the Civil War was over, he went back to Arkansas to start his life with Brooke. Upon reaching the farm her father shows him an unmarked grave and sends Murphy on his way.


Years later Murphy gets a telegram that the old man died. Thinking he had to settle the affairs he heads to Arkansas. What he finds brings him happiness, but it also enrages him. Who is lying and who is telling the truth?


Fitzpatrick: Cowboy Reluctant

Fitzpatrick Kavanagh enjoys being a bachelor. He hasn’t found a woman who interests him, but he keeps courting various young ladies. He needs to be sure his future wife loves him and not his money. He rides toward town and he discovers a young woman in the road and unconscious.

Brenna White wakes up at the Kavanaugh ranch in fright. She doesn’t even remember her name. Is she married? Does she have a family? The world is a scary place.

It wasn’t long before they find out who she is. Her father put out a reward poster for her safe return. Something doesn’t seem right. The more they find out, the more Brenna relies on Fitzpatrick. Is her attraction genuine or does she have feelings for Fitzpatrick because with him she feels safe?


Angus: Cowboy Bewildered


Angus Kavanagh is being watched. When he gets the drop on the spy, he finds a young boy, Julian, who has a sick father. Angus is more than happy to help. He finds out the Fields have been swindled and they have no idea.  Angus plans to deal with the swindlers, the Fields have more than enough on their plate.

When the time comes, Angus doesn’t have the heart to tell the young boy that nothing belongs to him. He brings Julian to the Kavanagh ranch to live. Angus takes on the role of “father” and teaching the young boy comes naturally. He finds himself attached to Julian.

Julian has a secret that can’t be told. Julian wants nothing more than to confess.


Will Angus walk away when he finds the truth?

Rafferty: Cowboy Trail Boss

It’s chaos at the Kavanagh Ranch between cattle rustlers and his brother’s wives having babies Rafferty becomes the Trail Boss. He’s taking on the Chisholm Trail from Fort Worth, Texas to Abilene, Kansas. The trail is fraught with hardship and danger.

Just when Rafferty thinks he has everything under control he finds Mae along the trail and nothing in life has prepared him for her stubborn, feistiness. There are plenty of towns along the way where she’d be better off but he’s reluctant to leave her behind.

Rafferty might have saved Mae, but she isn’t about to put up with his tyrant ways of doing things and she’s not about to allow him to leave her in a strange town.

Filled with cowboys, cattle, adventure, danger and love, this Historical Christian Western Romance is one you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Shea: Cowboy Chance

Shea Kavanagh is in Abilene, Kansas learning new ranching innovations. One day he walks past the hotel numerous times and he notices the same woman sitting in the lobby. He finds it rather strange and stops to talk to her.

Phoebe Kagan waits, not believing she could have been left behind. She estimates she has one more hour before she is thrown out of the hotel. A handsome stranger sits beside her and listens to her problems. He pays for the unpaid room and then he finds out she can’t walk.

Shea is stunned someone would leave a disabled person behind. He does what he can but what will happen when he must return home? Who will take care of her?

Join the Kavanagh Brothers for another romance. Shea is the youngest and he’s determined not to get married. God’s love and guidance often can be a surprising blessing.

The Kavanaugh Brothers Boxed Sets

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