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Don't forget to grab your copy of Myles (The McKeegans)

Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2022

The McKeegans is a new series that is an Irish family that immigrated from Ireland and settled in Montana. The matriarch, Rosemary, has passed away, but her husband, Eion, and their sons, Aiden, Brayden, and Miles, own one of the most significant spreads. Ranching neighbors include Mr. McQuade and his daughter, Cait. Growing up, Myles and Cait were best friends, partners in adventures, and nearly inseparable. But then Cait was sent to a finishing school in Boston. When she returns to the town of Langford, she is like a complete stranger. Seeing Cait at the dance in town, he doesn’t even recognize her. “You don’t mean the one with the fan? Cait would have never dressed like that, let alone carry a fan. Pa, you must be mistaken. Pa, they ruined my Cait.” The story begins with Cait returning to Langford, and she is so out of place. This isn’t how she wants to be, it is now what is expected of her. Then, learning that she is to be engaged to a Kevin Hawthorne is heartbreaking to Myles. While he and Cait never talked about the future, he always assumed—after all, they are best friends. The story has the good, the bad, and the evil in people. When Myles arrives at the McQuade home near dinner to see Cait, he is shocked at how Hawthorne treats Cait. Where did the feisty girl he grew up with go? Why is she capitulating to this farce of a plan? Myles: You can’t mean to marry that jack-- Cait: Don’t say it. Myles: I’m not sure if any other name fits. Do you love him? Cait: Marriage isn’t always about love. Sometimes a woman must do her duty to her family. Myles: I know you, Cait, and you don’t believe a word of what you just said. I wish I knew how to help you. Cait: You could marry me. The story will slowly reveal secrets about Hawthorne, his plans, and how cruel he can be. He decided he would own the town, the people, and be the mayor. The fact that they have a sheriff and a council, which isn’t in the plans, doesn’t even matter. With Hawthorne spreading lies and making unsubstantiated statements, Myles will run against him—it seems to be the only answer. But the trouble is more profound than they assumed, hired gunmen are part of Hawthorne’s plans, and Caitlyn is just a pawn in his game. Even her father doesn’t seem to see her, much less protect her from abuse. The story is a face-paced, clean western history with plenty of things happening and has moments of life and death. It takes a strong stand by people who care to protect Cait and get her the help and care she requires. The damage is done, but life will go on. Will Myles and Cait find the happiness that they once had? Family isn’t always blood; sometimes, it comes from deeper love and compassion—and Myles and Cait have just that. I loved how Cait often turned to God in prayer, asking for His guidance in her life and future.

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