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Stand Alone Stories

Christian Historical Western Romance

Finn's Fortune.jpg

Finn's Fortune

The Langley's Legacy Series, Book 1

Follow the Langley's fresh off the boat from Ireland to the present day.


1850Running from the British, captivating Finn Langley flees from Ireland to America with a price on his head. Finding treachery the handsome Irishman must travel further to hide. He joins a wagon train and heads for Oregon.


Maureen McDonald leaves Ireland and travels to America in the hope of sending much-needed money back to her family. Upon arrival, she had no other choice but to become an indentured servant. In trying to protect her virtue she realizes she must run away and ends up owning land in Oregon.


Both Finn and Maureen must fight to claim their land, their freedom, and each other. Will they get a chance to build both their amazing love and a lasting legacy- the Langley Legacy? Beare and Forebeare

The Greatest Gift.jpg

The Greatest Gift

A Montana Cowboy Christmas

***This is 54 page short story. ***

Upon hearing screams, handsome rancher, Foster O’Donnell races to his barn and finds a stranger giving birth. When he tells her his name, she screams he can’t be Foster O’Donnell. Foster O’Donnell is the father of her baby. Can Christmas change their mutual distrust? Will Foster and Ginger find The Greatest Gift?

love so deep.jpg

Love So Deep

She’s been shunned. He’s been exiled. Will two outcasts find love in the winter freeze?

Colorado, 1853. Samantha Foley is cold, alone, and scared. After being rejected from her wagon train for refusing to marry a man she didn’t love, she must find a way to survive the merciless Colorado winter on her own. When she stumbles into a handsome mountain man, she might be saved… if she can convince him to take her in.

Patrick McCrery knows what it’s like to feel unwanted. Half white and half Indian, he fits in neither world and has built a solitary life as a trapper. Caring for the beautiful woman he finds in the snow is the right thing to do, but it means risking the sting of another rejection come spring.

As winter bites and the two wait out the thaw, an unexpected attraction heats up. But with trust in short supply, will Samantha and Patrick open their hearts to love, or will past hurts and discrimination freeze romance in its tracks?

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