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Mail Order Brides Of Texas

Western Historical Romance

Cinders' Bride.jpg

Cinders' Bride: Book 1


Winner of the 2015 Diamond Lear Award for

Best Historical Romance


A mail-order bride becomes scarred and is betrayed by her would be groom. A cowboy with honor comes to the rescue. Will the scars of their past prevent their happily ever after?Winner of the 2015 Diamond Lear Award for Best Historical Romance

Texas, 1867. Shannon left the slums of New York for a better life out west as a mail order bride. But when she refuses her betrothed's request to become a prostitute instead, he slashes her face and leaves her bleeding on the Asherville streets. Hopeless and scarred for life, she doesn't expect the man who lends a helping hand to be tall, rugged, and single...

Cinders doesn't stand for cruelty to women, but after he offers the injured Shannon a job, he gets way more than he bargained for. When the widower is forced to wed the woman he saved, he begrudgingly accepts. With horse thieves and local Indian troubles on his mind, he's not sure about the added responsibility of his gritty, insecure wife.
While Shannon can sense an attraction forming between them, her husband remains distant during both the days and the nights. But a frightening town rumor may just force her to confront the proud rancher once and for all. Can the scarred bride and the cold cowboy trust each other enough to find true love?

Cinder's Bride is the first book in the Mail Order Brides of Texas historical western romance novels. If you like frontier adventure, sweet relationships, and gutsy heroines, then you'll love Kathleen Ball's award-winning tale of mail order marriage.

Keegan's Bride.jpg

Keegan's Bride: Book 2


He wants a wife. She wants protection. Will a surprise daughter make him return the delivery?

Texas, 1868. Rancher Keegan Quinn wants to start a family, but his status as a wanted man limits his options. He takes a chance on a mail-order bride and hopes she'll love him despite his record. But when his new wife-to-be steps off the stagecoach with an undisclosed daughter, he suspects he's been swindled…

Addy's prepared to marry a complete stranger if it brightens her little girl's future. But after a major misunderstanding complicates her big reveal, the man who paid her passage takes one look and rides away.

Battling hurt and mistrust, Keegan and Addy have no choice but to come clean about their ugly pasts. Can they overcome their shock and heal their wounds or will their happily ever after bite the dust?

Keegan's Bride is a standalone novel in the Mail Order Brides of Texas western romance series. If you like rugged passions, stories with heart, and determined characters, then you'll love Kathleen Ball’s emotionally uplifting novel.

Shane's Bride.jpg

Shane's Bride: Book 3


Can a broken woman and a big-hearted sheriff rise above town gossip to find love?

Texas, 1805. Cecily McGuinness once had dreams of a loving family. But after a traumatic abduction by Indians, she knows her constant nightmares make her damaged goods. Despite her hopelessness, she can’t figure why the handsome sheriff constantly fights to keep her safe…

Sheriff Shane O’Connor knows firsthand how tragic events can break a mind. He ignores the gossipy townsfolk by welcoming Cecily to tend to his home. While he keeps his distance, living on the same farm makes it difficult to hide his true feelings…

As cheating gamblers, old friends, and even a fire threaten Cecily and Shane’s connection, they draw closer and closer. Can the handsome cowboy overcome small-town gossip to heal Cecily’s heart?

Shane’s Bride is a sweet standalone Western romance in the Mail Order Brides of Texas series. If you like honorable men, lost souls, and heartwarming stories, then you’ll love Kathleen Ball’s uplifting novel.


Tramp's Bride: Book 4

He’s a stubborn cowboy. She’s a city girl with a dream. Can they survive being housemates to find true love?

Texas, 1807. Tramp Hart knows shame for letting his friends down. But when he returns to Cinders’ ranch, he’s shocked to discover a headstrong woman living in his house. Desperate for his own space, he sets out to get the woman married off in a hurry.

Ilene Duffy’s mail-order marriage almost broke her heart. Narrowly avoiding a scam that would force her into the beds of strangers, a rancher named Cinders and his wife Shannon put a roof over her head. But when she gets an unwanted housemate, she’s determined not to let the hunky arrival push her into marriage.

After Ilene suffers a nasty fall and Tramp comes to the rescue, both of their hearts flutter at the hand of destiny. Will a tough cowboy and a city girl ignore their attraction, or will true love ride in to steal their hearts?

Tramp’s Bride is a sweet standalone Western romance in the Mail Order Brides of Texas series. If you like strong-jawed cowboys, gutsy heroines, and conflicting chemistry on the ranch, then you’ll love Kathleen Ball’s heartwarming novel.


Poor Boy's Christmas: Book 5 


He’s a deputy. She’s a robber. Will their unlikely love receive a Christmas miracle?

Texas, 1808. Poor Boy Hastings wants to make the most of his college education and his new deputy’s badge. But shortly after returning home for Christmas, his first collar is a beautiful woman destined for the gallows. Ignoring his prosperous future, he vows to do anything to stop the rope from looping around the thief’s slender neck.

Molly McDonagh faithfully followed her father all the way to the end. When a robbery goes bad, she becomes an orphan and a prisoner all in one day. Grimly awaiting her swinging fate, Molly’s only hope is the spark she feels when the deputy visits her cell.

As bounty hunters get wind of the wanted woman, Poor Boy follows orders to hide out with Molly as brother and sister. In an isolated cabin, the two young hearts can’t help but fall in love. Will their relationship be sentenced to death or can they somehow secure a Christmas miracle?

Poor Boy’s Christmas is a standalone sweet Western romance in the Mail Order Brides of Texas series. With the bonus book, The Greatest Gift, you get two festive cowboy stories for the price of one. If you like tough frontier action, soft-centered lawmen, and fiery heroines, then you’ll love Kathleen Ball’s seasonal treat.

Mail Order Brides of Texas
Boxed Set

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