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New Mail-Order Bride!!!!

Briana Mail-Order Brides of Pine Crossing Book Two

From Best Selling, Award-Winning Author, Kathleen Ball - Briana Mail-Order Brides of Pine Crossing. A Clean, Wholesome, Christian Historical Western Romance.

Since the death of his wife, Rancher Cassidy Doyle yearns to fill his soul again.

Briana never had the chance to be courted. She was exceptionally busy nursing her mother. Besides, her mother advised her no man would ever want her. Briana is lovely and curvy, but when she looks in the mirror, she sees a spinster who is overweight.

Feelings are unfolding between them, and their world is serene until the sheep herd arrives. Cassidy had received reports about the cattlemen attacking the sheep herders. Life becomes chaotic and laden with apprehension. They never expected to discover themselves amid a range war.

Cassidy has worked too hard to give up, but is sending Briana away the finest solution?

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