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This Christian Historical Western Romance will pull at your heart strings!

Angus Kavanagh is being watched. When he gets the drop on the spy, he finds a young boy, Julian, who has a sick father. Angus is more than happy to help. He finds out the Fields have been swindled and they have no idea. Angus plans to deal with the swindlers, the Fields have more than enough on their plate.

When the time comes, Angus doesn’t have the heart to tell the young boy that nothing belongs to him. He brings Julian to the Kavanagh ranch to live. Angus takes on the role “father” and teaching the young boy comes naturally. He finds himself attached to Julian.

Julian has a secret that can’t be told. Julian wants nothing more than to confess. Will Angus walk away when he finds the truth? If You Love Sweet, Inspirational, Historical Westerns Filled With Heroic Cowboys, Adventure, Mayhem and Marriage of Convenience, You’ll Be Enamored of Kathleen Ball’s Emotional, Faith-Based Books. She Also Writes Touching Mail-Order Brides Series Along with Exciting Oregon Trail Series.

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