Mail-Order Brides of Springwater

Christian Historical Western Romance

Cora's Courage
Mail-Order Brides
of Spring Water
Book 1

Cora feels indebted to Eddie who saved her and her baby Esther. She travels on the Oregon Trail with him. He intimidates her and has her doing most of the work. He’s jealous and she knows not to look in another man’s direction.

An early snowstorm leaves her in danger of frost bite and when Harrison Walsh carries her off to his wagon to be treated Eddie becomes enraged and drops Cora’s trunk off at Harrison’s wagon.

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Shattered Trust
Mail-Order Brides
Of Spring Water
Book 2

CHRISTIAN HISTORICAL WESTERN ROMANCE Escaping her abuser, Veronica heads for Texas as a Mail Order Bride. She brings with her an unexpected baby and hopes and prays that Max will be accepting of her child. She also hopes that she will be able to allow her husband to touch her.

Max is stunned to see a secret baby but he comes through as a cowboy hero and treats her as his own. He's not sure how to react to Veronica. She is jumpy and scared. He knows it'll be a long road to teach her that some men can be trusted.

Then the dead father of her baby shows up. Can they both come to the realization that both love and trust are what makes a forever type of marriage? Or will past betrayals and new secrets ruin what could have been? This is book two of the Mail Order Brides of Spring Water, a Clean, Christian, Historical, Western Romance.

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Glory's Groom
Mail-Order Brides
of Spring Water
Book 3

Glory’s life is being turned upside down. Her comfortable daily life as a teacher at The Wigg School and Foundling Home has ended. She'd lived there all her life. How will she survive without her friends? Her future now is to travel to Texas as a Mail Order Bride and be a teacher. Glory wonders if she is good enough for Kent Sandler. Glory has never spent time with a man before and as soon as she says “I do,” Kent’s mother-in-law shows up and hands him a two year old boy he had no knowledge of and rides off.

Kent never wanted to get married again. Once was one time too many. But Parker Eastman offers a bet to his three best friends. Whoever gets married first will have a house built for them and Kent wins.

Trouble comes to the town of Sweet Water in the guise of hooded men who terrorize the freed slaves. Parker Eastman decides to hire the freedmen and pay them the same wage as the other cowboys. It was a time of violence and suspicion in the South. Glory pushes on to teach and finds plenty of children on the ranch who did not have any education. Too many hopes and dreams are wrapped up in the school to allow it to fail.

Through it all, both Kent and Glory admire each other’s courage and commitment but was that enough for a happy marriage?

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Battered Souls
Mail Order Brides
of Spring Water Book 4
In the aftermath of the Civil War so many people struggled to put their lives back together.
Iris Sands travels from Virginia to Texas as a Mail-Order Bride. When she arrives in Sweet Water she finds that the man who sent for her died. The Union Soldiers thought her to be a new saloon girl and thought to get to her first before she started working.
Lex Willis and ex-Confederate Soldier was about to leave town when he saw Iris being tossed back and forth by the soldiers. He puts a stop to it and takes her to the Eastman Ranch. He swore never to marry but Iris makes him rethink his vow.
Lex soon finds out that Iris’ family were killed for being spies during the war. The worst part is her family spied for the Union. Had she given information to the enemy that led to the massive losses suffered by the Confederate Army?
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Faltered Beginnings
Mail Order Brides of
Spring Water Book 5

A Christian Historical Western Romance
After betrayal and extreme hurt can a person forgive? What exactly is forgiveness? God tells us we must forgive but it’s not that easy. Mary Beth struggles to find out how to forgive but Mary Beth is so full of emotion it is hard for her to figure it all out.
Mary Beth arrives at the Eastman ranch planning to marry Lex Willis. To her dismay Lex is already married to Iris the love of his life. Mary Beth then confesses she’d been attacked by the same man who tried to attack Iris in Button Hills, Texas. Mary Beth grew up wealthy and cared for in every way until her father throws her out. With nowhere to go and in need of a father for her expected child she accepts the first proposal that comes her way.
Ross Carter only has one true desire in life; to own a house. If he marries, Parker Eastman will build one for him. His own father had ingrained in Ross that love is for losers. He decides to marry Mary Beth, not for love but for a house.
Married life is very awkward and to make things worse the man who attacked both Mary Beth and Iris is set on harming them.
Can Ross and Mary Beth find common ground for the sake of the baby? Will they learn to trust each other enough to keep each other safe from the man determined to take both Mary Beth, her child and Iris?

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Fairer Than Any: Christian Mail-Order Bride Series
Mail Order Brides
of Spring Water Book 6

A Sweet Christian Historical Western Romance: Daisy Weathers travels to Texas as a Mail Order Bride. The would-be groom takes one look at her scarred face and walks away without her knowing. Finding out she’d been jilted, Daisy is humiliated and
despondent. There would be no second chance wedding for her.
Sterling, a handsome cowboy is rolled out of the back of a wagon and left. He’s been injured and
now it’s life or death. Since the end of the Civil war he’s been busy trying to keep his outlaw brother
from hanging. Now when it’s almost too late he wishes he had found a wife, settled down and had children.
In this Historical Christian Mail-Order Bride Novel, Daisy is penniless and works to help Sterling heal.
Trouble finds her which sends them both on a journey of the heart, doubts, mishaps and realization.
This is the 6 th book of the Mail Order Brides of Sweet Water Series by Award Winning, Best Selling,
Amazon All-Star Author, Kathleen Ball.

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