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You asked For It- Tramp's Bride- Mail Order Brides of Texas #Ian1 #ASMSG

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I'm So Excited to Announce the Release of Tramp's Bride

Cowboy Seasons boxed set only 99 cents #ASMSG #IAN1

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Western Romance at its Best


(A savings of $10.97)

Available at Amazon

About Cowboy Seasons

Summer's Desire

When 26-year-old cowboy Holden O'Leary uprooted his brothers from Texas to Montana, the new vet advertised for a nanny. No woman alive would deny the Doc was as handsome a specimen as the sleek, hard-bodies horses he rescued. And that included Summer Fitzgerald, the voluptuous, honey-haired young woman who applied for the job, and was stunned to find her three charges ranged from 12 to 18 - charming, immature, irresponsible, and capable of winning a piece of her shattered heart.

With his stubble, his six-pack and his tousled hair, she thought Holden was sexy as hell. But she'd sworn off men after being implicated by her former boyfriend in a hideous murder that had badly wounded her - and her reputation. He had sworn off women because his lousy judgment had endangered his family. The fact was: he found Summer totally irresistible, and more vulnerable than vicious -- despite the warnings: "She's real good with that innocent act, but don't let her fool you.... She'll end up behind bars soon enough. "....

Would the past catch up with both of them? Who killed the bar owner - and why? What was the real reason Holden had moved? How would the Doc and the nanny deal with their passionate attraction, crippling rumors of savage scandals, and shocking, long buried secrets? Will brother be pitted against brother? When does true love exact a price too great to pay? And - when is a life-threatening risk worth taking?

Saddle up for one of today's most tempestuous romances - laced with a dazzling double mystery, and surrounded by more hunky cowboys than you can wave a lasso at....


Autumn's Hope

Pregnant and alone, Autumn Lavin moves to the small town of Carlston, Montana intending to open a vegetarian restaurant, determined that she doesn’t need a man in her life.

Hunky, Cattleman, Jonas Barnes is instantly at odds with Autumn, he has a much needed contract to supply the restaurant with beef. Jonas is an injured Army Veteran with too many scars, inside and out, to ever truly open his heart.

Autumn’s love wraps around him but he is afraid that once she sees how damaged he really is she’ll turn away.


Winter's Embrace

Ten years ago Winter’s heart was broken beyond repair by Stone McCoy. Now she is a travel agent ready to lead an Alaskan Cruise and to her surprise Stone McCoy is on her tour. A long ago phone call shattered her trust and her self-confidence. She never planned to see Stone again.

While at college, Stone McCoy woke up, after a fraternity party, to find a girl in his bed. Weeks later she told him she’s pregnant. Calling Winter to break things off was the worst night of his life. Now he’s hoping for a second chance at happiness.

The chemistry is electrifying but old issues lead these two on a merry chase. Can they put old hurts aside and begin again? Join Rancher Stone McCoy and Winter James as they try to find happiness from Alaska to Texas and finally on his Montana Ranch.


Spring's Delight

The last thing cowboy Colt O'Malley needs is another busybody intent on curing him of his grief. Deeply bitter, Colt finds it almost impossible honoring his brother's last act of kindness.

Spring Reed grew up in the foster care system and when she finally ages out, she relies on her protector and friend, Billy Jack to help them make a life together. To her horror, Billy becomes an abusive bully. Her rescuer arrives in the form of a coffee drinking, hard studying, college student, Caleb O'Malley. With a promise of a new job, he buys her a bus ticket from Texas to his family ranch in Montana with the plan to meet her there in a week. Unfortunately, no one met her.

When Old Ed tries to drop Spring off at the O'Malley ranch, Colt tells him to take her back. One glance at the pain in her eyes and he couldn't send her away. She reminds him of the abused horses he rescues.

Can two people with scarred souls learn to love again or will bitterness and doubt drive them apart?

To Love a Wildcat Series Box Set by V.L. Locey #ASMSG #IAN1

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TITLE – To Love a Wildcat Boxed Set

SERIES (& Book #) – To Love a Wildcat Books 1-6

AUTHOR – V.L. Locey

GENRE – Erotic Hockey Romance

PUBLISHER – Gone Writing Publishing

COVER ARTIST – Reverie Design & Formatting


With more than 100 five-star reviews combined, now is the time to fall in love with the Philadelphia Wildcats! In this six-book set you'll get to experience all the passion, humor, and hockey action that reviewers have called "Funny, Sexy, Savvy, Smart Sports Romance" and "Love stories of real people".


"This is such an amazing series. The dialogue flows easily, the descriptions are outstanding, and the characters are written in such realism that, like I said above, you feel like they are family." - 5 star Goodreads review.


Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.


The set includes:


Pink Pucks & Power Plays (Book One of the To Love a Wildcat Series)

A Most Unlikely Countess (Book Two of the To Love a Wildcat Series)

O Captain! My Captain! (Book Three of the To Love a Wildcat Series)

Reality Check (Book Four of the To Love a Wildcat Series)

Language of Love (Book Five of the To Love a Wildcat Series)

Final Shifts (Book Six of the To Love a Wildcat Series)


Amazon Kindle US - Amazon Kindle CA - Amazon Kindle UK


From Pink Pucks & Power Plays - To Love a Wildcat #1


I left the flakes on the floor to answer my door. Vacuuming up fish flakes would have been much more settling for my nerves. Alain Lessard stood on my welcome mat looking like a million and half bucks. The man was working the casual chic look for all it was worth. His jacket was black and clearly YSL. He had tossed the sharp, black jacket over a crisp, white, button-down shirt. The sleeves and neck were unbuttoned. He wore black khakis, softly buffed black, leather boots, and a flash of a gold watch on his left wrist. His hair was damp, his cheeks freshly shaved, and his smile dazzling.


“I am not too late, am I?” he asked when I stood in the doorway like a buffoon. I gently shook my head and moved aside. “Bon!” He hesitated as if unsure until I waved him in. Perhaps my lack of speech was throwing him off. My brain came up with something and then he passed by me, close enough to scrub his arm across my left breast. My nipple stiffened instantly. His cologne was alluring and dark. I inhaled the manly aroma deeply. I adore a man who knows what kind of scent to wear and how much. Closing the door gently, I gathered my scattered wits, blew away the thick mist of desire with a long exhalation through pursed lips then spun around to face my date. He was standing in the middle of my living room, smiling widely as he peered into my kitchen.


“If you’re looking for dinner, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Someone told me we were going out tonight?” I walked to the sofa to pick up the black shawl I had chosen.


“I have never seen such a purple kitchen. It is very you, Viviana,” Alain said, coming over to lift the dainty bit of shimmering material from my fingers. I turned. He draped, making sure that the back of his fingers skimmed both sides of my neck. Something hot began to uncurl like a cat waking from a nap deep within me. “And yes,” he whispered beside my ear, “We have reservations that we will miss if I do not step away from you and stop admiring your lovely perfume. It is some sort of tropical flower, yes?”


“Yes,” I responded as his warm breath tickled my ear. “It’s called Plumeria Blossom and it’s imported from Hawaii.”



“It’s very pretty. Have you ever been to Hawaii?” he asked, stepping away from me, sadly. His warmth back there was rather nice.


V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, a flock of assorted domestic fowl, and two Jersey steers. When not writing spicy romances, she enjoys spending her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand.

Author Follow Links

Website - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Goodreads - My Blog


New Release Kindle Unlimited Shane's Bride by Kathleen Ball #ASMSG #IARTG

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Announcing the Release of

Shane's Bride

Mail Order Brides of Texas

By Kathleen Ball


Rescued from Indians, Cecily McGuinness suffers from horrendous nightmare; ones that have her running from her lodging into the woods. She’ll never be normal again and most of the townspeople look at her with disdain. All she ever wanted was a family and a place to call home.


Sheriff Shane O'Connor is tired of tracking Cecily down each time she takes flight. Finally he makes her an offer to keep his house and help turn it into a farm. Her past doesn’t taint her in his eyes. In fact he finds himself very attracted to her but keeps his distance. She’d suffered enough at the hands of Long Nose.


Amid cheating gamblers, old friends who unexpectedly show up and a fire, a closeness develops between them. Cecily believes she isn’t fit to be a wife anymore. Can Shane convince her heart and soul that she is indeed worthy of a great love?





He slowly walked to her, concern etched on his face. “I scared you, didn’t I? I’m sorry,” he said in a soft voice. Reaching out he cupped her shoulders in his big hands. “I want you to feel safe here. You were lost in thought.” He cocked his brow and slightly tilted his head as though waiting for an answer.


“I suppose I was.” She took a big step back, escaping his hands. His hands didn’t scare her as much as her reaction to them. A warm tingling feeling coursed through her body. Her heart continued to beat fast, but now it wasn’t out of fear.


99 SALE! Griff Montgomery, Quarterback (First & Ten series, Book 1) A Thrilling Football Romance by Jean Joachim #ASMSG #Bookboost

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Griff Montgomery, Quarterback

(First & Ten series, Book 1)

99¢ For a Limited Time Only

Two people, two tragedies, two deep, devastating secrets…. Griff Montgomery is the headline-making, heart-breaking star quarterback of the Kings – a 6’4”, 33 year old womanizer. Lauren Farraday is a beautiful young interior designer, bitterly scarred by divorce, whose life is falling apart. Though they violently oppose one another in court over her beloved pug (she thinks he’s arrogant and conceited, and he thinks she’s a bitch on wheels), something happens....


These are the bare bones of this sizzling romance, riddled with passion -- the first in a brand new series that’ll tantalize football fans and have readers glued to every page and on the edge of their seats!


Griff looks like a super hero with his tousled, mahogany hair, dazzling smile, dark, sexy eyes, and a body that does something indescribable to a tight pair of jeans. Though Lauren’s sworn off men forever, one look sends shivers down her spine, making her feel lonelier than ever before. Her lustrous, long hair, sparkling green eyes, and nonstop curves make his fingers tingle at the thought of touching her. How do they deal with their cataclysmic attraction? Will they be able to drop their protective facades – his to camouflage his grief over his sister and her family, for whom he was a surrogate father, moving 3000 miles away…. And hers’ to shield her from the incalculable loss of her husband and hoped for child?


For Griff, the thought of falling in love is as foreign as toe shoes and a tutu. For Lauren, it’s like putting on cleats and a helmet and running 50 yards…. Can they, will they, risk it? Get GRIFF – and find out!

CAUTION: Book contains locker room language.

What people are saying about Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, 2nd place winner in the DNSB Reader's Choice Awards for Favorite Sports Book Boyfriend!


“If you like football, sexy quarterbacks, interior design, yummy food, cute pugs and hot sex this is the book for you. And its just the start... there is more sexy football hotness to come!” “C”


“You've gotta love a story where the hero and heroine are brought together by a lovable pug! That's what happens in Griff Montgomery, Quarterback, by Jean C. Joachim. I enjoyed the way Jean includes so many details about Griff's life as a pro football player - working out with his teammates, dealing with life on the road, concern over the new guy taking his place…This is the first sports-related romance I've read and it won't be the last.” S.N.


“Jean’s characters were well written and Zander AKA Spike was my favorite. I like how this book wasn't all about Griff Montgomery the quarterback. There was a story behind each of the characters which allowed me as the reader to connect to each of them…” “S”


“I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn't know if I wanted to read a "Football" romance story, but it was GREAT! Or should I say "Touchdown"…” T.V.


“Can't wait to read the next book in the series. This is a true romance and great story…” R.P.


“Good start to a new series. This book was well written and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.” “A”


“A happy little pug plays Cupid in this touching, heartwarming, sexy football hall of fame love story!” 2121



More Information here 

Grant me the Moon by Caroline Clemmons featured in Come Love A Cowboy Boxed Set 99cents #ASMSG #CLAC

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On Amazon Only $0.99 Kindle Unlimted

Grant Me The Moon
By Caroline Clemmons


All Tory Fraser intended was to show her high school history club students a local archeology dig. How could she know the excursion would involve a murder? Or that one of her students would be suspected as the killer? And she had no idea she would meet the man of her dreams.


Grant Grayson has taken over management of Grayson Ranch near Post, Texas to give his grandfather a less arduous schedule. A flash flood washed away an old talus slope on the ranch to reveal a prehistoric cave that is a Clovis site. Being a good citizen, he invited the nearest large university archaeology department to excavate the cave. When a gorgeous blonde high school teacher asks his permission to take her students to the site, how can he deny her? Especially when he is instantly attracted to her as he’s never been to anyone.


Tory and Grant are drawn in to the investigation to clear her student but unintentionally make themselves a target. Now they must evade the killer to celebrate their new found love.

Come Love a Cowboy

Contemporary Western Romance Anthology

8 Books $0.99

Available Here

Welcome - Wounded Warrior Project Blog Hop

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This is the perfect time to give back to the men and women who

have given so much for The United States of America!!

The mission of Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors.


Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to

honor and empower Wounded Warriors. WWP seeks to assist those men and women of our armed forces who have been severely injured during the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations around the world.


I am donating $30.00 for 30 comments

***Please leave a comment on this blog

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This prize features- an equestrian infinity scarf

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I'm also giving away Texas Haven

Rancher Burke Dawson wants children; unfortunately, that also includes a wife.

His first wife was a citified hellcat who stole half of his ranch.

Now, Burke is determined to find an honest, country girl with no expectations of love.

Available:    amzn.com/B008R0DPYS

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Cowboys and Christmas with Shanna Hatfield

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Shanna-Hatfield-Nov-Blog-TourWelcome to the




Cowboys & Christmas




Blog Tour!




A kickoff of two new holiday romances by Shanna Hatfield




and a fundraiser for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund




There's Something About A Cowboy





What is it about a cowboy that inspires giddy thoughts of romance in otherwise sane and sensible women?


bronc rider 2


It could be the way they make a pair of jeans look just right. If you haven’t ogled a pair of fine-fitting Wranglers at a rodeo, please take yourself to the nearest medical facility to make sure you’ve got a pulse.


It could be the dusty boots on their feet. The dirtier, the better. We want a hard-working, real man, after all. Not one who just dresses like a cowboy on the weekends.


It could be that Stetson on his head. There’s something about a man sweeping off his hat in a gesture of polite recognition that makes our knees wobbly and our thoughts scattered. Also, there is something entirely endearing about a man with a hat-ring in his hair.


It could be the little swagger in his walk. Most of the cowboys I know don’t work to put it there. It’s a byproduct of injuries, too many hours in the saddle, and walking in those dusty boots.


It could be the manners they exhibit, no matter how rough and tough they might be. You show me a raised-in-the-country cowboy and I’ll show you a man who respects women and elders, says “yes, ma’am,” and holds doors open. I don’t care how independent and strong of


a woman you are, when a good-looking cowboy tips his hat and holds a door open for you, it makes you want to swoon.


For me, it’s such fun to write about cowboys and the women determined to resist their considerable charms.


In The Christmas Cowboy and Wrestlin’ Christmas, the first two books in the Rodeo Romance series, neither heroine wanted to fall for a cowboy. In fact, they fought quite a valiant battle - but as they say, sometimes resistance is futile.



Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund®



Now through Dec. 24, Shanna will donate 10 percent of the net proceeds from all book sales to the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund. JCCF logoThe JCCF is a non-profit organization that assists rodeo athletes who’ve sustained catastrophic injuries and are unable to work for an extended period.







Where to Find The Books




The Christmas Cowboy




Start the Rodeo Romance Series with The Christmas Cowboy.




Kindle | Paperback | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Apple | Audible




You’re Invited to PARTY!



You’re invited to join in the online Cowboys & Christmas Facebook Party Thursday, Nov. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (PST). Drop in anytime during those four hours to enter to win great prizes, chat with guest authors, and more! Here’s the link to the party: http://tinyurl.com/cowboychristmasparty


The third book in the Hardman Holidays sweet Victorian romance series releases that day! The Christmas Calamity takes readers back to Hardman just in time for the holiday season. Preorders are available now for just $1.99 on Kindle. You can reserve your copy here: http://amzn.com/B00OGOO994


In addition, the first book in the Hardman Holidays series, The Christmas Bargain, will be available free that day, as well!



Prize BasketEnter to Win Prizes!



To enter the drawing for an Amazon gift card, autographed books, chocolates, original western artwork, and more fun goodies, fill out this form.







About Shanna Hatfield



Shanna Hatfield 2A hopeless romantic with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure, Shanna Hatfield is a bestselling author of sweet romantic


fiction written with a healthy dose of humor. In addition to blogging and eating too much chocolate, she is completely smitten with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.


Shanna creates character-driven romances with realistic heroes and heroines. Her historical westerns have been described as “reminiscent of the era captured by Bonanza and The Virginian” while her contemporary works have been called “laugh-out-loud funny, and a little heart-pumping sexy without being explicit in any way.”


She is a member of Western Writers of America, Women Writing the West, and Romance Writers of America.


Find Shanna’s books at:


Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Apple


Shanna loves to hear from readers! Follow her online:


ShannaHatfield | Facebook | Pinterest | Goodreads | You Tube | Twitter