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Mail Order Brides of Texas Boxed Set
Sweet Historical Western Romance

About the Author

Kathleen Ball is a distinguished USA Today Best-Selling Author renowned for her poignant narratives and unforgettable characters. Initially known for her captivating Sweet Contemporary Western Romance novels, Kathleen felt a profound calling to delve into the realm of Christian Historical Western Romance, a transition that has been met with immense acclaim. Her narratives transport readers to a time of simplicity and unwavering values, with a potential for venturing into Contemporary Christian Romance in the future.

In today's bustling world, marked by impatience and incivility, Kathleen stands as a steadfast advocate for kindness and respect. She is deeply troubled by the prevalence of coarse language in literature and media, advocating for a return to more dignified expression.

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Kathleen now calls the outskirts of Fort Worth, Texas home. It was in Texas that she forged a profound friendship with an equine enthusiast, igniting her fascination with the profound bond between humans and horses. This newfound passion led her to spend countless hours at the stables, immersing herself in the world of horsemanship.

While Kathleen had always been an ardent reader, the notion of becoming a writer hadn't crossed her mind until later in life. However, upon finding herself with an empty nest, she seized the opportunity to pen a series that swiftly garnered the attention of publishers. Embracing self-publishing thereafter, Kathleen relishes the autonomy it affords her in crafting her literary works. She believes that at the age of 45, she finally unearthed her innate talent for writing, viewing it as a divine calling and a blessing.

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