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Talking to the Dead

Posted on October 22, 2012 at 2:20 PM


“ Molly, You can’t talk to the dead.”

“Pam, I need you.” Molly waited for an answer. Sure the house was scary not only on Halloween, but year round. The people that lived there were creepy too.

“I bet everything we’ve heard about that house is just legend. Please, Molly, let’s go home.” Pam’s voice trembled.

“Oh, for goodness sake, get a grip. We’re grown women. I want to talk to my husband.” Molly grabbed Pam’s hand and dragged her along the sidewalk. Everyone knew that you could go there on Halloween, and talk to the dead.

Pam pulled back. “What exactly do you expect Simon to say?” She really did appear scared. Her eyes  opened wide and her face turned pale.

Molly gave Pam a long stare. They’d been friends since Pam moved in next door. Molly treasured her friendship. They could talk about anything.

“Please, Pam. Look we’re here please come with me.”

Pam smiled weakly and nodded.

They held hands as they walked up the creaky porch steps. There were people on the porch. They looked to be dressed in costumes but Molly knew they always looked that way. Cartoonish Adams family would be the description she’d use.

One man with long white hair simply pointed to the front door.

Molly dragged Pam inside. The big dusty room was lit with candles, but a big red circle painted on the floor stood out. They stepped inside the circle.

Molly took a deep breath and Simon appeared.

“Molly, my love.”

“Don’t you my love me you son of a bitch. You were dying and you didn’t erase your text messages? Yes, I know all about you and Pam. You two disgust me. Molly ran out of the house, never looking back. Weeks later Pam was reported missing.



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Reply Karen Cino
9:27 PM on October 22, 2012 
I like how you built up Molly and Pam's friendship only to tarnish it. I was totally surprised by the ending.
Reply Jean
9:46 PM on October 22, 2012 
Wow! Loved the surprise ending! So, did Pam join him, was she killed or is she off making lovey-dovey with him in the other world. Well done, Kathleen! You scared me and made me smile as well.
Reply V.L. Locey
7:33 AM on October 23, 2012 
Loved that surprise ending!
Reply Sherry Gloag
4:06 PM on October 23, 2012 
Well - WOW!
Reply Lindsay
5:47 PM on October 23, 2012 
Great ending
Reply Carolyn Gibbs
11:23 AM on October 24, 2012 
I loved this post. It read like something you'd see on Desperate Housewifes, then the surprise ending. You should continue this story.